State pushes Broward schools to remove officials ‘who clearly failed the public’

The 'DeSantis Factor:' will it matter in school board races

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – The Florida Department of Education sent a letter to the Broward County school district superintendent on Wednesday, demanding action following a scathing grand jury report released last month.

The letter from Tim Hay, the Executive Director for the state’s Office of Safe Schools, said any failure to act “could only be perceived as the district’s tacit endorsement of past and future ineptitude.”

The reference is to findings in the statewide grand jury report that led to Gov. Ron DeSantis suspending four members of the Broward School Board.

The letter tells Broward Schools Superintendent Vicky Cartwright, to whom the letter is addressed, that it is “incumbent upon you as the Broward County Superintendent to take real and decisive action.”

The letter does not list any district employees by name, but points to “Key members of the prior superintendent’s leadership team” and “Staff directly named in the Grand Jury report” as well as procurement staff associated with the SMART program, which is funded by Broward taxpayers. The report indicated possible mismanagement of the program’s funds.

Read the letter below:

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