Rough arrest caught on camera in Broward County after man drives wrong way into complex

A rough takedown was captured on camera in Lauderhill, and now some are questioning whether it was necessary.

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – A Lauderhill man is facing charges after police say his aggressiveness and resistance led to a rough arrest over the weekend.

According to the suspect’s arrest report, Patrick Lovon McBride, 35, entered the Driftwood Apartments at 1809 NW 31st Ave. in Lauderhill through the wrong side Sunday and then side-swiped a Fort Lauderdale police officer’s car after the officer yelled out his window to McBride that he was entering the wrong way.

Police said McBride denied hitting the officer’s car and then swatted the officer’s hands away as he tried to grab him.

According to the report, McBride’s friends and family members began to crowd around and were getting hostile.

Police said McBride grew more aggressive and told the officer to “Back the f*** up,” and told him, “Don’t touch me,” after the officer tried tasing him.

Authorities said McBride then took a fighting stance and told the officer, “What you gonna do?” and called him a “p****.”

Cellphone video shows officers taking McBride to the ground.

“It was just uncalled for to me. I really don’t see what was the point,” one witness told Local 10 News. “No threat was opposed to this man --- like, why are you taking it to this extent? This man is not causing any harm to you for you to treat him like he’s nothing.”

But police say McBride was “highly uncooperative throughout the duration of the incident.”

He is now facing a slew of charges in both Fort Lauderdale and Lauderhill, including resisting arrest with violence, resisting without violence, assault on a law enforcement officer, hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license and driving the wrong way.

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