Celebrations underway as more than 30 children adopted at Miami Children’s Museum event

MIAMI – Families went in front of judges at the Miami Children’s Museum Friday to finalize long-awaited adoptions.

Couples such as Rubie Delaughter King and her husband Ronald told Local 10 News’ Liane Morejon that they have just adopted their fifth child.

“It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding,” said King.

According to King, all of their children are siblings under the age of 6 and from the same biological mother.

“I don’t want them to grow up wondering, you know, worrying about each other, so it’s just good to know that everybody is safe and everybody knows each other,” said King.

The King’s new addition is just one of more than 30 children that were adopted on Friday.

Vinadies Wallace told Local 10 News that she is adopting her own granddaughter.

“It’s wonderful,” said Wallace. “It helped our daughter to be able to navigate her life right now and us to be able to have her, so she would be situated with her own family.”

Miami-Dade Family Court Judge Jason Emilios Dimitris said he’s grateful to be part of the legal adoption process so that children can have a permanent home.

“Such a pleasure to be part of a process where a loving family comes together and they’re legally together forever,” said Dimitris.

“It was a happy day of smiles and hugs for these new forever families,” said one attendee.

“You know, sometimes people think the kids need you but, in the process, you realize that you need the kids as much as they need you,” said King.

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