Zoo Miami: Bald eagle ‘Rita’ faces ‘poor’ prognosis after surgery

Bald eagle "Rita" undergoes surgery at Zoo Miami (Ron Magill, Zoo Miami)

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – One of the avian stars of Zoo Miami’s Eagle Cam remained in critical condition Thursday following surgery to repair a severely fractured right wing.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers found bald eagle “Rita” wounded Sunday night. It’s not clear what caused her injury.

Zoo spokesperson Ron Magill said Rita underwent surgery Wednesday afternoon.

“The surgery was successful in inserting the pin to align and support the severely fractured bones,” Magill said. “However, the prognosis for actual healing to take place is poor due to the lack of circulation detected in the extremity as a result of the serious trauma.”

Magill said Rita is receiving “extensive” post-operative care, including drug therapy, laser treatments and acupuncture, but “the odds are presently overwhelmingly against being able to salvage the wing and sadly, even higher against her ever being able to fly again.”

He said the next several days will be “critical” in determining whether Rita can recover.

“Rita has already beaten the odds by surviving this devastating trauma that would have surely claimed her life were it not for the extensive care administered by all the parties involved,” Magill said. “Everyone who has invested so much in this majestic animal is praying that she can continue on that positive path.”

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