Genetic testing plays important role in overall health

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – When it comes to taking care of your overall health it’s important to be aware of factors that may not be under your control.

Your genetics can unlock valuable health insights and are especially import to help you know about underlying risk factors for diseases such as cancer that you may not be aware of.

“Unfortunately according to the American Cancer Society, black American’s are at a greater risk from death from cancer while white American’s have more cancer diagnoses every year and there are many disparities with the but genetics play a role in bridging the gap and closing that disparity,” said Jerome Madison with Invitae Medical Genetics.

Whether you know or don’t know your family history of certain diseases, a genetic specialist can help determine if testing is right for you.

For those with a known family history of certain diseases, the testing may be covered by insurance but you can also do a simple saliva test on your own. To learn more go to:

And if you’ve resolved to have a Dry January, experts say you’ll see many health benefits from not drinking for a month.

“The condition of your skin, the increased amount of energy that you’ll have and if you’re not replacing alcohol with candy or sweets because you might start to crave those a little ore if you stop drinking, you’ll definitely experience weight loss,” said Alan Berki, a clinical social worker with Cleveland Clinic.

Experts note that heavy drinkers should consult with their doctors before taking part because withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and in some cases, deadly.

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