Police search for men caught on camera illegally dumping wastewater in Southwest Miami-Dade

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Police are searching for two men caught on camera illegally dumping wastewater near Miami Executive Airport on Friday morning.

The cell phone video shows who police have said is a man illegally dumping what appears to be wastewater behind warehouses in Southwest Miami-Dade.

“I noticed this truck over here doing illegal dumping. I approached him and told him what he was doing was illegal to leave the area and he said he didn’t care,” said Moises, the man who recorded the video.

The man said it was early Friday morning when he walked out of his vacuum truck business to see the truck backed up against a fence discarding hundreds of gallons of the dark gray wastewater near the train tracks.

“We don’t know what he is dumping. It is waste. It is sewer water. In the ground on the water table, " said Moises.

In the video, the man illegally dumping is heard saying “aren’t we in the same line of work? I’m just trying to get ahead.” Moises said he believes the man was dumping to cut costs.

“I got to go dump. I have to pay for that. When they do that here that extra money goes into their pocket, so they can be cheaper when it comes to doing the work,” said Moises.

The man may look familiar, because sources with Miami-Dade Police said it is not the first time he or his truck were caught on video illegally dumping. In June, Local 10 News reported the arrest of Julio Barreto, 51, and his 26-year-old son, Daymon Barreto. They faced felony littering charges after they were seen in what appeared to be the same truck marked South Florida Vac Con. Services, illegally dumping in Doral.

“Detectives are not leaving any stone unturned, and it is possible that they may have done this in the past,” said Angel Rodriguez, spokesperson for Miami-Dade Police.

Police said they know who they are searching for and are actively looking for the man in the video.

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