Pair uses pooch as distraction to pilfer packages at Miami Beach condo

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Residents are calling it “The Pooch and the Packages.”

Surveillance footage shows a man and woman walking into a North Beach condominium building and using a small dog as a big distraction as they steal residents’ parcels from the lobby.

In the video, taken earlier this year, the two look like your average Miami Beach couple as they walk into the Nobe 63 Condominiums, located at 6305 Indian Creek Drive.

But, according to residents, there’s a whole lot more to the duo than meets the eye.

Clips show a man trying to find his way into the building wearing a mask. Residents said he’s been to the building before.

“We have the male on video two times in the last 45 days,” resident Greg Shepard said.

And video from inside the lobby shows see the man and woman kneel down and just start stuffing packages and bags — with the dog in tow.

“They’re using this dog as a prop because it disarms everyone,” Shepard said. “There are dogs in the building, so you see dogs and you think ‘Hey, look at that cute dog. We’re here and we’re happy.’”

Besides packages, residents have reported missing bikes and tools.

“In the world of Batman and Robin, it was a brilliant move on this couple’s part to use a pet as a prop,” Shepard said. “We’re ready as residents of Miami Beach to have our wonderful police department engage their detectives and help us solve this crime.”

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

About the Author:

Reporter Rosh Lowe has been covering news for nearly two decades in South Florida. He joined Local 10 in 2021.