Covid infections trending upwards slightly

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve the latest COVID-19 vaccine soon, possibly early next week.

This comes as confirmed cases of the virus are inching upward, a trend some health officials expect that trend to continue into the fall and winter.

Drug maker Moderna said its updated COVID vaccine appears to have a strong response against the BA.2.86 variant.


New research is showing that women who undergo an endometrial ablation  for heavy menstrual bleeding may be at higher risk for needing a hysterectomy in the months and years following the procedure.

“The ablation changes the anatomy of the uterus it makes it more difficult to sample the endometrium and any abnormal symptoms that a patient may have and so by virtue of changing the anatomy of the uterus and sometimes masking any underlying issues that could potentially be a cause,” said Dr. Jonathan Black, a Gynecologist Oncologist with the Center For Gynecologic Oncology.

However, Black said ablation remains a safe and effective way to treat endometrial bleeding but clinicians need to provide patients with realistic success and failure rates.


Could your morning cup of coffee be a placebo when it comes to boosting alertness and performance?

Researchers have found that coffee but not caffeine consumption  increases brain activity linked to visual processing and higher-levels cognitive function.

The findings mean that some key benefits of drinking coffee may not be related to caffeine, but to other compounds in coffee.

Even the sensory experience of drinking coffee could have an energy boosting effect.

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