Dog hospitalized after being attacked while on walk in Pembroke Pines

Owner of other dog apologizes, promises to pay vet bills

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A South Florida family’s beloved pet is in critical condition after being attacked by another dog in a Pembroke Pines neighborhood.

He’s a 15-pound, poodle terrier mix named Punch.

Punch’s owner, Lior, said he took the dog for a walk to do his business when suddenly it was attacked.

“A dog, huge one, black one,” said Lior.

The attack happened Friday along Northwest 103rd Avenue in Pembroke Pines.

Lior said he and his neighbors worked together to get the dogs separated.

Punch was rushed to LeadER Animal Hospital with deep bite wounds, broken ribs and injuries to his back.

Paul Sarnowski is down in South Florida from New Jersey, visiting family. He brought his 3-year-old Belgian shepherd Rocky with him.

Sarnowski said he went out to get something from his car when Rocky slipped out of the door.

“He saw it over here, probably he was barking or something, and whoosh, and just run,” said Sarnowski.

Asked if Rocky has ever had any incidents like this, Sarnowski said “No, no, first time.”

Sarnowski was more than apologetic. He got scratched up as well while wrestling the two dogs apart.

He said he was the one who called the police.

“Whatever the bill is, I’m going to pay, right away,” he said. “No problem.”

Punch’s family is just hoping for the dog’s recovery.

“Right now, we focus on our own baby,” said Lior. “He’s 11 years old and the first thing and only thing we want to see is him back home.”

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