Allegations of threats and violence surface during 'chicken' trial

Chicken fight clucks on

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The fight over chickens in one Hollywood neighborhood clucks on. But now the fight has spiraled into allegations of threats and violence.

"We believe this all retaliatory", said attorney Marshall Geisser who represents Grant Einhorn, the Hollywood homeowner who sued last year to force his neighbors, the Kohns, to get rid of the farm animals they kept in the backyard of their home in this Emerald Hills neighborhood.

Ever since, Einhorn said, the Kohn's have harassed him and a his wife. They've got hours of home video that appear to show Rene Kohn and some of the children taunting them.

And now the families are back in court. The Kohn's have accused Grant Einhorn of threatening to sexually assault two of their daughters and they're asking the Judge to issue a permanent restraining order against him.

"It's ridiculous, it's absolutely ridiculous, everything that they've put in their petition, it's ridiculous", Geisser said.

The Kohn's refused to comment on the matter. Despite the serious allegations they've made against Einhorn, there are no criminal charges or investigation.

Geisser accuses the Kohn's of filing bogus court claims against Einhorn to cost him time and money.

"He has no freedom in his own home. Every time he walks around they file a violation, restraining order. This is going to major abuse of the legal system of the courts time", Geisser said.

Einhorn said he would like to move but he can't sell his home. Not only because of the struggling housing market, but he said he can't find a real estate agent willing to list it.

The judge will hold a hearing in June to determine if the temporary restraining order should be made permanent. 

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