At-home program helps new moms get in shape

Web-based diet, exercise plan easy to follow

WESTON, Fla. - For years, Debbie Pravado believed the only way to stay in shape was to exercise for hours and eat like a bird.

Then she found a web-based fitness and nutrition program started by South Florida trainer Michelle Marie Diaz.

"It was really only when I found out from Michelle what I needed to do that I found something that was really working for me," said Pravado.

The program called BeFit Moms introduced Pravado to the concept of eating more and exercising less.

"You can lose weight, you can enjoy what you eat, you can be healthy and be a mom, and you can work full time, you can do it all if you just learn the proper way to do it," said Diaz.

The program helps busy moms reach their goals with a 20 minute at-home exercise routine that's constantly changing.

"I use a lot of compound movements, movements that work a lot of muscles, because the more muscles you work, the more calories you burn," said Diaz.

"It's quick, it doesn't even seem like it's 20 minutes, it's your abs, it's your core, it's your legs and it goes by very, very fast," said Lisa Stoss, who lost 6 pounds in a month following the program.

Diaz provides a list of exercises, complete with step-by-step video instruction, along with menu plans that change weekly.

"People think eating healthy means eating bland or boring food, that's not the case. In fact, if you just eat salads and bland food, you'll be more likely to binge.  I offer recipes that may have a few more calories, but make you feel full and satisfied," she said.

"My family loves what I'm cooking and it's so easy. Most of the recipes just go in the oven and cook themselves, which is great," said Stoss.

The program costs $50 per month. 

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