Attorney: Casey Anthony may become a paralegal

Fla. woman acquitted of murdering daughter Caylee may go into law

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Casey Anthony has so much experience with the legal system, she may become a paralegal, according to her attorney.

Charles Greene told Monday that Anthony is considering going into the legal profession.

Anthony, 26, has been unemployed for the past four years and recently filed for bankruptcy.  She is almost $800,000 in debt.

"I truly believe that she has a lot of skills," Greene told "She's better than many paralegals I know. She could be a paralegal or something like that right away. She is very organized, a very intelligent, very computer savvy person, so I think her skills and her desire may lie somewhere in that field."

Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011, but was convicted of providing false information to police in her initial statements to detectives.  Two of the lying convictions were overturned last week.

Greene said Anthony still believes in the justice system.

"I think she may be the type that ends up trying to work within our system to make our system better rather than being a person who's trying to break it down," he said.

But, Greene told ABCNews that it will be while before Anthony goes back to the work force.

"You don't go from the most hated woman in the world, according to some media outlets, to being a normal person or being able to live a normal life," Greene said. "I'm not saying she's not a normal person, but people do not perceive her as a normal person."

Anthony continues to live in hiding.  Greene said she still receives death threats even though she has served her time in prison and served out her probation.

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