Bald eagles nesting in Pembroke Pines

Birds return every year to same spot

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A pair of bald eagles has made their annual arrival in western Broward County. 

On Wednesday, the birds were spotted preening atop a dead Malaleuca in a wooded lot along Pines Blvd. near 208th Ave.

"I see them sometimes going to work in the morning you can see them in this kind of shadow, when it's still sort of gray," said Johnnye Johnson who pulled over to catch a glimpse of the birds.

The same mating pair has returned to this spot each of the past five years and every winter.

Their nest is hidden in the thick brush of trees but has been well photographed by locals who document the birds every move on a website.

The eagles take turns watching over their eggs.

Florida Fish and Wildlife has cordoned off the whole area to protect the birds.  The Department of Transportation recently built a sidewalk along the road and put signs encouraging pedestrians not to use it.

"I think it's interesting we don't have enough nature, we live in this jungle of concrete and you know I just love nature and I think it's so incredible that we have this right here we can see," said Johnson.

Bald eagles aer native to South Florida and are on the list of protected species, which is why the city of Pembroke Pines and the Audobeon Society work so hard to make sure nothing disturbs the bids.

The eagles typically stay in the area until May, when these "snowbirds" can fly north for the summer.

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