Belly rewards are offered at several South Florida businesses

New app offers quirky rewards

SOUTH FLORIDA - How would you like to meet LeBron James? Or have a private sushi making class with a master chef?

Well, now you can with a new rewards app that's quickly gaining in popularity.

Nick Khoder is a big fan of Belly, a rewards program that's accepted at a number of different businesses in South Florida.

"They reward me for coming in and that's what keeps me coming back," said Khoder. "I usually save my points and then I take care of my friends and get free lunch for like three of my friends."

Joe Terry's favorite place to pick up points is at Wings and Things on Griffin Road.

"It's a no brainier," said Terry, "Right now, I had 190 points and I just redeemed 15 for a free drink."

Stores get to choose their rewards and how customers earn them.

At Tate's Comics, the rewards are a bit different. Customers can choose a prize from the treasure chest or get an employee to draw a picture of them.

"So, here, we don't do normal things we do, like, your very first punch and you can get something with like a smile and high five and with 10 punches, you rock, paper, scissors for a discount with an employee," said Jo Mini, manager at Tate's.

Kian Wong, who owns Mimi's Frozen Yogurt, said he jumped on the Belly bandwagon to stay ahead.

"You still have to keep up with all the young kids, especially with a frozen yogurt shop, this is a younger generation type of thing," said Wong.

The Belly app is free for Android and iPhone.

Click here to see where it's accepted and to check out some of the rewards.

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