Big Banana Car hits South Florida streets

Steve Braithwaite plans to take former Ford F-150 on tour through North America, Europe, Asia

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Steve Braithwaite brought his Big Banana Car to the Local 10 studios in Pembroke Park on Tuesday.

Braithwaite said a gas station display provided the inspiration for this former Ford F-150.

"I was in a gas station and there was a bowl of fruit right where I was standing in line, and on top was a banana that was exactly this shape," said Braithwaite, "and I picked it up and I'm looking at this from every angle, thinking, 'Alright, the wheels would go there, the seats, the engine,' and I pictured it driving down the road and I started laughing."

Braithwaite drives the vehicle across the U.S. He said it meets all road safety requirements.

"A lot of people ask me in an incredulous tone of voice, 'Is that legal?' Well, yeah, the body style is a judgment call that the state can't make. They can't say we don't want your car on the road because it looks like such and such," he said.

Braithwaite plans on taking his Big Banana Car on a tour through North America, Europe, and Asia.

There could be an opportunity for you to tour along with him in the banana car. For more information on how you can do that visit

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