Bond reduced for man accused of causing crash that killed teen

Sandor Guillen faces DUI manslaughter charges for death of Kaely Camacho

MIAMI - Despite an emotional plea from the sister of a 13-year-old girl who was killed in a hit-and-run crash, bond for the man who faces DUI manslaughter charges for causing the crash was reduced from $1 million to $205,000.

In a hearing last Thursday, prosecutors pushed for Sandor Guillen's bond to remain at $1 million because of concerns Guillen's family has access to significant wealth and he could be a flight risk. 

On Tuesday morning, family and friends of Kaely Camacho packed inside a Miami-Dade courtroom. Some wore blue T-shirts with Kaely's name on them, demanding Guillen remain behind bars.

"I am crossing my fingers today and our faith in God will hopefully shine," said Kaely's father, Kirk Camacho.

But despite the support, Guillen's bond was reduced.

"We are disappointed in the amount," Kaely's uncle, Bruce Cease, told Local 10's Ben Kennedy. "However, with all the restrictions Mr. Guillen stays around, he's entitled to his day in court, and we want our day in court, too."

Kaely's death prompted thousands to rally for a campaign against drunken driving and to keep Guillen locked up.

"We hope it will continue to move forward. Thank you guys very much," Kirk Camacho told the crowd.

"Justice works in the courtrooms, and judges are not supposed to be inundated with other pressures," said Guillen's attorney, Bruce Lehr. "Luckily, with this judge, he ruled correctly."

Meanwhile, upon his release, Guillen will wear a GPS ankle bracelet, which police will monitor. He and his entire family will also surrender their passports.

Guillen is expected to appear in court again May 4 to plead not guilty.

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