Charges dropped for models in animal torture fetish videos

Attorney believes statute of limitations expired

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Stephanie Hird (left) and Sara Zamora won't face animal cruelty charges.

MIAMI - Two models accused of animal abuse in the creation of fetish porn videos won't face animal cruelty charges.

Sara Zamora and Stephanie Hird appeared in a Miami courtroom Thursday morning as Judge Teresa Mary Pooler revealed that the charges against them were never filed.

An attorney for Hird told Local 10 she believes prosecutors never formally filed charges because the statute of limitations had expired.

"That's what we believe," attorney Lody Jean said. "We never got a definitive answer from the state, but that's been my position from the very beginning."

A spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade County state attorney's office later confirmed in an email to Local 10 that the statute of limitations had passed.

Both women were arrested in April, accused of engaging in sex acts while torturing and killing animals, including chickens, fish and mice.

"We were 18 years old and we were manipulated into a situation that we, unfortunately, cannot take back," Zamora told Local 10.

Zamora said she and Hird were duped by Adam Redford, the man police claim produced the porn videos, into believing they were making legitimate movies.

Redford has not been arrested.

"And if you're out there Adam Redford, I hope you get everything you deserve," Zamora said.

Zamora also said she's not an animal killer, despite what people are saying about her.

"And if they think that I am, then they can all go to hell," she said.

Zamora said Hird is her best friend, but she said they "can never talk again because of this."

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