Children learn with shower curtains

Roni Bostwick invents educational shower curtains

COOPER CITY, Fla. - A South Florida teacher invented a shower curtain that teaches children shapes, colors, and other basic skills.

Roni Bostwick created the shower curtains after spending the last 20 years working as a school teacher and training fellow educators.

"All teachers agreed that kids aren't struggling in school because of the big stuff. They are struggling because they are missing little bits and pieces that are preventing them from succeeding," she said.

Bostwick realized children could learn in a place where they spend a lot of time -- the bathroom.

"The thought of putting it on a shower curtain for me was that basic skills are learned through repetition," Bostwick said. "The kids love it and the parents find that it really is convenient that they don't have to pull out a workbook, they don't have to pull out flashcards."

Michael and Laura Mogerman teach their son Connor using the curtains.

"So, it's a quick 10 seconds here and there that we can just go in and practice when we are getting ready for our bath or when we start to potty train. We're in there so much," Laura Mogerman said.

The couple loved the idea of a shower curtain that helps educate their son.

"Both of our mothers are preschool teachers and we constantly hear about kids that are in their classes that don't know the colors and can't write their names," said Michael.  

Connor's parents already bought the next level -- a alphabet shower curtain -- and he may be ready for it sooner rather than later.

"He loves it. He's always looking at the colors and he's picking up on the shapes now, which he really didn't know up until a couple weeks ago," Michael said.

"It's a different format to learn and when you think about how often you're in the bathroom, it's nice to have something educational in there as well," Laura said.

The shower curtains are labeled for each grade level, and include preschool, reading, and math skills.

To check them out for yourself, go to Bostwick's website.

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