Construction covers I-95 in Broward County

Concrete barriers used to protect workers expanding express lanes

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Concrete barriers cover Interstate 95 in Broward County as construction crews continue working on the expansion of the express lanes there.

"At the moment, we're in Phase 2. We're shifting traffic on I-95 to the outside in order to begin work on the median," said Ivette Ruiz-Paz with the Florida Department of Transportation. "That phase will last approximately a year."

In order for workers to work safely on the medians, concrete barriers were placed along the inside lanes of I-95.

"There will be no cars on the inside. That's specifically to separate the work area for the safety of the workers," said Ruiz-Paz.

Express lanes, which are already in Miami-Dade County, are being added to the expressway from the Golden Glades Interchange to Broward Boulevard.

"We are working on two bridges at the moment -- the Hollywood Boulevard bridge along with the Stirling Road bridge," said Ruiz-Paz. "They are increasing the size of the bridge and adding a lane on each bridge as well as replacing the structural beams underneath the bridges."

All lanes shifts remain the same. Weekend closures on Hollywood Boulevard have been in effect for three weeks. Those closures are expected to be completed before Thanksgiving.

Bridge widening on Stirling Road is also under way. Lane closures are scheduled to begin there Nov. 16.

Some believe FDOT is only doing this to generate more revenue.

"Studies have shown that express lanes help ease the flow of traffic," said Ruiz-Paz.

"When is this all going to be over?" asked Local 10's Jeff Weinsier.

"The project is on schedule. It's anticipated to be completed by the end of 2014," answered Ruiz-Paz.

Click here for detours while parts of I-95 remain under construction.

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