Family mourns girl killed by father

Davie Police: Paul Andrade killed Amira Andrade in murder-suicide

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter

DAVIE, Fla. - Family members identified the 6-year-old girl who police said was killed by her father as part of a murder-suicide in front of his ex-wife's home.

Amira Andrade was killed Thursday morning.

"Angel. She's an angel," said Richard Caicedo, Andrade's uncle. "I just ask that you pray for us and pray for that little angel that is with Jesus right now."

Caicedo told Local 10's Christina Vazquez Friday he traveled to South Florida from New Jersey to comfort Amira's mother, Vicky Paredes.

The woman's ex-husband, Paul Andrade, 30, attached a hose from the exhaust pipe to the inside of the car, killing himself, his and Paredes's daughter, and the family dog by carbon monoxide poisoning, according to police. The vehicle was parked outside the apartment the couple used to share in Hollywood so that the mother would wake up and find them dead on her way to work, police said.

Paredes lived for her happy daughter and is now struggling with the overwhelming weight of her loss, Caicedo said.

"I just kissed her, hugging, we prayed. And, I just said, 'Only God knows the reason why these tragedies happened,'" said Caicedo.

Police believe Andrade was upset over the end of his relationship with Paredes, who had recently remarried.

"The man was distraught. His ex-wife had recently remarried in the last month or so, and felt that this was his way of getting back at her," Davie Police Capt. Dale Engle said Thursday.

One of the first people to discover their bodies was Leila Lacharite, a trained nursing assistant who is studying to be a registered nurse. Lacharite said she tried saving the girl's life by performing CPR, but realized the little girl was already gone.

"She looked at peace, like a sleeping beauty," said Lacharite. "I know she didn't have to suffer."

A tow truck arrived Friday to remove the van.

"I told a neighbor today I can't wait for the to get that van out of here because it is such a horrible reminder of what happened here," said Lacharite.

Andrade was a first grader at Driftwood Elementary in Hollywood. The school sent a letter home to parents letting them know a classmate had passed away and counselors would be available.

Neighbors and Andrade's family said they want to remember the student's sweet smile, her light spirit, and the small things that can mean so much to a young child.

"Hopefully, she has nothing but good in her next path," said Lacharite, "I'm sorry it's not with her daughter, but her daughter is in a good place."

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