Florida state law on horn honking

Local 10 viewers say the sound of honking horns is driving them crazy!

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

SOUTH FLORIDA - Car horns are designed to prevent crashes and keep people from getting hurt, but South Florida drivers are notorious for using them when they want to get things moving on the roads.

Some local drivers told Local 10's Carlos Suarez the excessive horn honking drives them crazy!

"When they're at a red light, they beep behind you when there is a no right turn and the sign says no right turn!" Amnon Reiter told Suarez. "They don't see it and they keep beeping behind you!"

Most drivers agree there's a proper etiquette to take into consideration at a traffic stop.

Reiter said honking your horn should be used sparingly, in order to get someone's attention. He thought it was appropriate to honk if someone was passing through a red light or if someone walking is crossing the street on a green light.

According to Elliot Setz, you should give other drivers two seconds after the light turns green before honking your horn.

"You want to get going! You have things to do," said Setz. "You have a meeting to go to, things you want to get done."

Florida law is surprisingly vague about when it is appropriate to honk your horn. According to the state, "the driver of a motor vehicle shall, when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, give audible warning with his or her horn, but shall not otherwise use such horn upon a highway."

Under that law, most Floridians could probably make the case that it is necessary whenever they use their horns.

But one thing is for sure-- the sound is driving many Local 10 viewers crazy!

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