Smartwater helps catch burglary suspect

21-year-old Micheal Jackson charged with breaking into unoccupied vehicle

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Smartwater, a liquid that contains a unique DNA-like patterned visible under ultraviolet light, helped police catch a burglary suspect Sunday.

Police parked a vehicle equipped with video surveillance, an alarm, and a Smartwater kit inside the Beach Place Parking Garage along A1A after several vehicle burglaries.

Surveillance video (pictured below) showed 21-year-old Micheal Jackson looking through the car, said detectives.

"You see the suspect walk up to the door," said Fort Lauderdale Police Det. DeAnna Greenlaw. "He opens the door. He grabs something on the front seat and then he starts to rifle through a wallet and that is when the Smartwater agent sprays him. He takes a brief second to figure out exactly what just took place, and that's when he continues to keep going through that same pocketbook, and then he leaves."

When Jackson was examined with a blacklight, detectives found Smartwater on his clothing and skin.

Jackson reportedly told police he was looking for something to eat. Police charged him with burglary of an unoccupied conveyance.

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