Gimenez vetoes commission budget vote

Gimenez makes veto official

MIAMI - Several Miami-Dade police officers are still expecting to be laid off after Mayor Carlos Gimenez vetoed the proposed county budget Wednesday.

Silvia Nadal, a 4-year police officer and pregnant mother of two, said she is expecting the worst.

"As far as I know, we're still expecting the pink slips," she said.

Nadal said she isn't convinced Gimenez's veto will save jobs, however, the mayor disagrees.

"A lot of people will get to keep their jobs because it means the budget will be balanced," Gimenez said.

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The county budget came unhinged when almost all the county's unions, after making concessions, refused to pay more for healthcare coverage.

Workers, but mostly police officers who put their lives on the line, thought contributing an extra 5 percent was too big a of blow.

From the police union, that extra 5 percent contribution would amount to $18 million. Additional contributions from county supervisors' unions and other unions could mean a total of $65 million to fill the budget.

The commission is scheduled to take up the issue during its next meeting on January 24. Commissioners can override the mayor's budget by a two-thirds vote.

Nadal said she is left wondering what it all means to her.

"I never expected that after four years of being employed with the county that I was going to have to be worried about losing my job. As a mom now I can tell you that it doesn't feel any good to have your children asking me if you're going to have a job," she said.

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