Heat fan courts LeBron James with charitable offer

Fans pledge money to entice James to enter Slam Dunk Contest

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MIAMI - LeBron James has long said that he would not participate in a planned dunking contest, saying he is a natural, "in the moment" dunker. But one fan is hoping to change that.

Chris Thomas, a die-hard James fan, has started an online campaign with a goal of raising $1 million to donate to the LeBron James Foundation. Thomas hopes that if they reach this goal, James will agree to participate in a dunk contest. 

Thomas said he will approach James' Foundation with however much he raises over the next few weeks. If he agrees to take part, the foundation will receive the money. If he does not, the contributions will be re-distributed back to the donors.

"We'll raise as much as possible, whether that's $50,000, $500,000 or $5 million," Thomas told the online publication, Mashable. "Whatever aggregate amount is raised, I'll contact the foundation and anyone else associated with LeBron, say 'take or leave it' and see what happens."

To view Thomas's site, click here.

The NBA hosts a "Slam Dunk Contest" each year during the NBA All-Star-Weekend.

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