Hurricane Sandy floods South Beach

Crews work to restore power

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - South Beach residents spent the day drying out after Hurricane Sandy brushed the coast Friday.

Several inches of rain and high tide flooded the area of Purdy Avenue and Dade Boulevard.

"You know when you're coming here to go to yoga early in the morning, that there is going to be a flooded street and you're going to have to trek over it and wear boots," said Laurie Pearlman. 

Drivers were extra vigilant moving through the area as maintenance crews dried out the entrance to a high rise.  

"My car won't make it through that," Luiz Iole told Local 10's Carlos Suarez. "It would be floating. Its impossible. I'll probably need to get an SUV or something big,"

FPL crews spent the day making repairs to downed power lines across the city. 

At a home of Prairie Avenue, crews had to call out tree trimmers to clear some brush that knocked power out overnight. 

Some 66,000 customers had their electricity restored since power went out on Thursday. 

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