iPads in the classroom: the unexpected benefits

Teachers at Belen Jesuit explain the benefits of iPads in the classroom

By Jen Herrera , Alexandra Fruin - Producer

SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. - When it comes to learning, technology is key.

Not long ago, desktops were being replaced with laptops. Now, laptops are becoming outdated as compact tablets take over.

Belen Jesuit, a Catholic school in South Miami, replaced books and notebooks with iPads last year. School administrators knew it would be a game changer, but say they've found some unexpected benefits since putting the tablets to use.

"I expected to have a lot more issues in my class, with students being off task," teacher Michelle Jordan told Local 10. "But I think they are taking a little bit of an interest in learning and exploring."

Mini-assessments are one of the major benefits of the iPad technology. They provide teachers and students with immediate feedback on their understanding of the material.

The school made the change to iPads to keep in step with the changing technology world.

"You need to meet your students where they are in order for them to pay attention to you because if you don't, you're going to lose them right away," Carol Vila, the school's Director of Technology explained.

Incorporating the technology isn't an easy task for teachers. They've had to change their teaching methods.

"It's spiced up the class," said middle schooler teacher Carlos Bravo. "It's helped me see if my delivery is working."

"The old methods just aren't going to cut it anymore," Jordan agreed. "I don't know that I've seen a substantial increase in grades, but I have seen an increase in participation and engagement. To me, that matters most."

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