Lawyer: Probe into NCAA's Miami investigation upsets Ponzi schemer

Nevin Shapiro's attorney says client is 'remorseful'

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Nevin Shapiro

MIAMI - The attorney representing Nevin Shapiro says the convicted Ponzi schemer at the center of the University of Miami scandal is upset by the recent probe into the NCAA's investigation.

"Nevin is extremely remorseful. That's why he agreed to cooperate," said Maria Elena Perez, who represents Shapiro.

Shapiro cooperated with Perez by being deposed as part of his bankruptcy hearing. But an investigation revealed the NCAA broke its own rules by using the information he provided and by paying Perez for it, even after the NCAA's legal counsel advised against it.

"I had no idea the NCAA was breaking its own rules. Had I known the NCAA was breaking its own rules, I would have never agreed to share information with them. And I wouldn't have let the investigation take its own course without my client's assistance," Perez said.

The probe into UM continues.

Shapiro is not the only one being implicated. He allegedly gave improper money and gifts to players and coaches. A source close to the investigation on Wednesday said three assistant coaches are under fire for giving false or misleading information to authorities.

"This isn't something that started yesterday. Nevin Shapiro's relationship with UM went on for almost 10 years, even before the Ponzi started. And they're finding out about it now?" Perez said. 

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