Marine shot after posting Craigslist ad

2 arrested

MIRAMAR, Fla. - A Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marines is recovering after being shot several times in the abdomen and torso by a man who responded to his posting on Craigslist.

Lt. Col. Karl Trenker of Miramar placed an ad to sell a gold men's necklace on the popular website. He listed it for $595.00

On Wednesday afternoon, Trenker went to a Deerfield Beach apartment complex parking lot to meet someone who was interested in buying the necklace.

But he was met by two men who took the necklace at gunpoint and ran.

Trenker ran after them.

"He got out of the truck and started chasing him down and I heard the first shot go off," said eyewitness Daniel Albert, who was nearby working on his car. "I'm hearing the rest of the shots go off, like 8 or 9 shots."

Albert said he then saw Trenker, who had just been shot several times, come out from a wooded area.

Tranker told police he stuck his fingers in his wounds to prevent bleeding.

"He was holding his chest when he came back," Albert said. "He threw something in the truck and there was kids in the truck."

James Flounory, 20, was found two blocks from the scene. He confessed to police, saying his friend, Jeff Steele -- the alleged shooter -- offered him $200 to participate in the robbery.

Trenker is an avid artist who has a website filled with his work. He recently returned from Afghanistan.

His neighbors are shocked at what happened.

"On his days off he is always, always with his kids," said neighbor Conchita Rodriguez

"The irony of someone who is protecting us and keeping the U.S. safe and to be here in South fForida and victimized is sad," said neighbor Gale Nelson Sr.

Trenker remains hospitalized, but he is expected to be OK.

Flounory and Steele are being held without bond.

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