Miami Beach considers filming changes

Proposal would cut down on days film, television crews can shoot

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - The Miami Beach City Commission is considering changes to how the film industry works in the city.

A committee met Monday to discuss limiting how long film and television crews can continuously work after noise complaints from neighbors.

"We're not looking to hurt them, but at the same time, residents have their rights," said Commissioner Jerry Libbin. "The proper balance can be struck to give everyone what they're looking for."

A man who lives near baseball star Alex Rodriguez said constant filming there is too much of an inconvenience.

"January, I believe it was like four, five shoots," said the neighbor who asked to be unidentified. "In February, there were like seven shoots."

In the last year, Rodriguez has received 20 permits for commercial shoots at his home.

"We're looking for what I believe is a compromise position to let everyone have what they have expressed that they need or want," said Libbin.

Currently, crews can shoot 60 days every six months with few restrictions. A new proposal allows only 10 consecutive days per month and sets up a list of homeowners who can say no to a film crew.

"We are worried," said entertainment attorney Ivan Parron.

Parron said more restrictions could stop film and television shoots in Miami Beach.

"Basically, a monkey wrench. You're creating a lot more problems than anything. It's already getting a lot of bad press in Hollywood, and it's last thing that our city needs in these times," said Parron.

Last year, filming in Miami Beach brought the city $87 million.

"Good, clean business," said Libbin. "We can find a happy note for everybody here today."

The proposal would still need to go in front of the commission, which likely wouldn't happen until December.

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