Miami ranks as one of the "Most Superficial Cities in America"

Dating site ranks "Most Superficial Cities in America"

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miami - A dating website has ranked the "Most Superficial Cities in America." It analyzed the amount of time it takes members to browse through dating profiles.

Miami members on browse an online-dating profile in only 12.1 seconds, making Miami the 8th "Most Superficial" city in America.

The website also polled 1,310 Miami-based members and asked them to rank which of the 20 total qualities in an online dating profile they valued most when browsing. Miami's top five determining factors were profile picture, body type, income, occupation, and age.

The 10 Most Superficial Cities in America (according to average browsing time)

1.) Salt Lake City, UT - 7.2 seconds
2.) Portland, OR - 7.7 Seconds
3.) Houston, TX - 8.3 Seconds
4.) Chicago, IL - 8.6 Seconds
5.) Washington, D.C. - 9.8 Seconds
6.) Los Angeles, CA - 10.4 Seconds
7.) Louisville, KY - 11.5 Seconds
8.) Miami, FL - 12.1 Seconds
9.) New York, NY - 13.2 Seconds
10.) Dallas, TX - 13.7 Seconds

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