Boating accident victim undergoes surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Ex-wife of Herminio Bravo says he couldn't feel hands, feet

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter , Amanda Batchelor - Senior Digital Editor

MIAMI - A father of four underwent surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital following a boating accident Sunday.

Family members of Herminio Bravo said they were celebrating Father's Day on his boat near the Haulover sandbar when Bravo jumped into the shallow water.

"When he dove, my husband saw that he was just floating face down and he asked him if he was OK and no response, so he flipped him over and saw that he was bleeding from his mouth," ex-wife Wanda Bravo told Local 10's Christina Vazquez.

She said Herminio told her that he couldn't feel his hands or feet.

Surgeons operated on a cervical vertebrae Monday, and Bravo's family said he is in stable condition.

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