Chinese rollerblader wants to 'resurrect the lost art of trust'

Rollerblader says she traveled from Georgia to Miami 'on faith'

By Samantha Bryant - Reporter

MIAMI - Yanise Ho's website is titled "The Wondrous Voyage of Yanise." One of the site's sections is the "Skate-a-Thon Challenge." She is also documenting her "World Record Breaking Journey to Radiate Love" on The Bladress website

The woman from Hong Kong claims she wants to "resurrect the lost art of trust." She is preparing for a "world-record-breaking rollerblading voyage of 8,000 miles" and she said she plans to "avoid the use of money in any form."

To prepare for the journey, which she plans to begin in March, she started with a journey from Savannah to Miami that is getting her some attention. On day 19, she said she was behind schedule in Fort Lauderdale, because she had made so many friends along the way. 

"So far it has been amazing," Ho said. "I have met so many wonderful people from literally all walks of life."

Ho has a profile, but she said she hasn't been using it much. She met Eric Aumann at the World Famous Parrot in Fort Lauderdale. He said he was impressed with her mission and said her courage inspired his son. 

"I know nobody on the road, but soon enough everybody becomes my family," Ho said. 

Ho told the Orlando Sentinel that while in Amelia City she mustered the courage to knock on the door of a home, where a woman allowed her to spend the night.

"I never ask for anything," Ho said during an interview with the Orlando Sentinel. "People usually just offer after hearing my story."

Ho has been documenting the generosity of strangers on Instagram as "Thebladress." Most recently she posted photos in Delray Beach and Boyton Beach and wrote someone bought her a coffee at a Dunkin Donuts. 

Her 749 followers are waiting for her picture in front of the Freedom Tower, where her journey will end in downtown Miami. Ho is also asking for donations on Crowdrise, Sponsor My Event, and other sites. She said she hopes to turn her 18 country voyage next year into an inspiring documentary. 


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