Man died during police raid

50-year-old Othello Russell died July 25

MIAMI - The family of a 50-year-old man who died in July during a police raid believes officers scared him to death.

Charles Russell said his brother, Othello Russell, died from a heart attack on July 25 following a police raid at the wrong house.

"They stuck us like animals," he said.

Russell said he was sitting outside their house with neighbors and his two brothers when police officers assigned to an anti-gang taskforce approached them.

"The police asked him, 'Can you give me permission to search your house?'" said Catherine Jones. "Mimi, out of his own mouth, said no, I'm not going to give you permission to search my house."

"My brother was making his way to the door and they asked him if they could have consent to go in," said Russell. "He told them no. They went in before him and then they told him to come in. I seen him go down."

Paramedics pronounced Russell dead at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Charles Russell and his brother David were both arrested.

Police charged David Russell with possession of a concealed firearm by a career criminal and a probation violation. Prosecutors dropped charges against Charles Russell.

A spokesman for the Miami Police Department said it's only handling the death investigation. The anti-gang taskforce is made up of several law enforcement agencies across South Florida.

"It wasn't no loud music. We were sitting here just like we're sitting here talking, having a little drink," said Catherine Jones.

"They robbed him for his life. They robbed me. They robbed my family," added Charles Russell.

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