Man stabbed to death outside strip club

Police: Alejandro Sierra, 28, stabbed to death at BT's in South Miami

MIAMI - In the heart of South Miami, a community known for its quiet, family-oriented feel, a 28-year-old man was murdered in the middle of the street. 

Alejandro Sierra was killed early Friday following a fight inside BT's Gentlemen's Club, police said. Sierra's family was too grief stricken to talk Monday, when they buried him.

For years, people living nearby tried getting rid of the strip club, which is sandwiched between restaurants, barber shops, and a children's karate gym.

"This is a family neighborhood, so it shouldn't be there." one woman said.

"It was a very nice neighborhood. It was very beautiful, but now it's a nightmare," another resident said.

"South Miami is saddened and shocked by the homicide at BT's," Mayor Phillip Stoddard said in a statement. "Our downtown maintains a family-friendly atmosphere, that is safe for everyone.  This incident, though isolated, just underscored the city's prior position that BT's establishment does not fit within the character of our city."

The city of South Miami is considering passing a law that would require late-night spots to hire an off-duty police officer to patrol the perimeter.

BT's did not immediately return phone calls Monday.

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