Pit bull with severed paw rescued after found in NW Miami

1 Lucky Dog Rescue seeks new owner for 4-month-old puppy

MIAMI - A 4-month-old pit bull with a severed paw has been rescued after it was found in Northwest Miami.

1 Lucky Dog Rescue said its organization took in the puppy that came into Animal Services after some kids took her home and showed their mother.

Now, the non-profit organization is looking for a new owner for the puppy.

Michelle Rodriguez from 1 Lucky Dog Rescue praises the pit bull with a paw problem.

"You did good, yes you did good! You've been a good girl," Rodriguez said to the puppy. "When we X-rayed her, what the vet did notice is in comparison to her other foot, it is completely missing from right about the wrist and it was a clean cut."

The still unnamed little girl likes to give kisses and she has no idea she's missing a paw as she high-fives, shakes hands and seems to be a happy puppy that likes to wag her tail and get belly rubs.

All of this despite losing a limb, possibly on purpose, and now fighting an infection that hopefully will not spread to her bone.

"You're grateful, I know, I know," said Rodriguez.

Now, the puppy is in good hands and walking with a little limp, but looking for lots of love.

"She's going to live a normal life," said Rodriguez. "She runs, she plays, she does well with the other dogs. You know, she's going to be a really good family pet for someone."

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