Stolen Maltese found in Opa-locka

Bianco still missing

MIAMI - A Maltese dog stolen last month at the Publix in Mary Brickell Village has been found.

Patrick Orlando said he was shocked when he got a call from the Broward Humane Society on Saturday. The person on the other end of the phone told him they believed they had his dog.

Orlando's two Maltese dogs were snatched from the family's SUV on July 2. Orlando said he left the dogs for less than 10 minutes.

For the past month, Patrick and his wife Jennifer have put up 5,000 flyers and taken time off work to search.

Orlando said as soon as he saw Misha, he knew it was her.

"I recognized everything down to her breath," he said.

Misha was hit by a car in Opa-locka. A Good Samaritan rushed the dog to the Broward Humane Society.

Misha has had several surgeries since. The 5-pound, 5-year-old Maltase has two broken legs, a shattered pelvis, and is now blind in one eye.

The couple is still looking for Misha's father, Bianco.

They are offering a $3,000 reward.

If you have any information, call 305-432-2218.

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