Student garden in Miami flourishes

Kids tend, care for garden on school grounds

MIAMI, Fla. - Students from a Miami school now have their very own garden to care for thanks to help from an area business.

Students and teachers at Phillis Ruth Miller Montessori School in Miami have been hoping for a garden for seven years.

Pulling weeds can be hard work, but for some kindergarten through 6th grade students, it's a labor of love.

"What we did is that, we like pulled out these little weeds to try to help and all of that," said Rebeca Naveda.

Teachers at the school wanted to turn a courtyard into an outdoor learning center, filled with flowers, trees and vegetable gardens. They tried on their own, but never really got anywhere.

Then they contacted Home Depot. The company sent almost 50 people to help. Volunteers and teachers spending the day working in the rain as students looked on.

"It makes me feel good knowing that I could put a smile on their faces and let them see that a little hard work can beautify anything," said Home Depot's Enos Tisdale.

The school made a wish list and teachers were shocked when they kept getting yes for an answer.

"We wanted a Japanese section for the Japanese garden. We wanted our vegetables in a certain place, and we wanted certain plants that would attract butterflies," said Principal Carmen Boyd.

Each grade will have a raised garden, growing their own crops and learning about nutrition.

"Hopefully we're going to be able to have them to make their own little pizzas with the toppings and the vegetables from their garden that they grew," added Boyd.

Students are happy somebody took the time to care, and repaid the kindness by serving lunch.

"It's just wonderful that people just came out here, allot of people came out here to do this for us," said Naveda.

If the school had to pay for this work, it would have cost about $40,000.

"It's like a dream come true, a dream come true," said Boyd.

Vegetables will be planted when school gets back in session, no word yet on when pizza night will be.

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