Murder suspect's family given warning from judge

Prosecutors call Lina Kaufman's plastic surgeon to stand

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

MIAMI - The twin brother and sister-in-law of an Aventura developer Adam Kaufman, who is accused of strangling his wife, were almost held in contempt of court on Tuesday for watching cable coverage of the murder trial.

The two are scheduled to be called as witnesses in the case. Judge Bronwyn Miller gave them a talking-to, warning them not to do it again.

Prosecutors began day two of the trial against the Kaufman by calling a plastic surgeon to the stand. Dr. Tracy Baker performed a breast implant on Lina Kaufman a few months before her death.

The testimony was an effort to discredit the defense's argument that Kaufman suffered from congestive heart failure and died of a heart attack while using the bathroom.

"Was there any indication that something was wrong with her heart?" asked assistant state attorney Matthew Baldwin.

"No, she was a normal, healthy patient," Baker replied.

Defense attorneys argued that Lina lied about her medical history in order to get the procedure done. They will present their case when the prosecution rests, most likely next week.

Prosecutors also called to the stand a family friend who testified that Lina did not have any bruises on her body the night before she died. The medical examiner's report notes that bruises were found on her back, arms and chin.

The same friend also testified that Lina suffered from fainting spells.

"She was very happy with Adam," said Lina Kaufman's friend, Larissa Adamyan. "She loved him."

Adam Kaufman was visibly moved by what Adamyan said about the couple's relationship.

Adamyan also told the court she saw Lina Kaufman the night before she died, when Lina Kaufman came over and showed her the spray tan she had received earlier in the day.

When asked whether she saw any marks on Lina Kaufman's body or any breaks in her skin, Adamyan said no.

Defense attorneys say the 33-year old hit her neck on a magazine rack after suffering the heart attack.

Prosecutors have yet to offer up a motive for why Adam Kaufman would kill his wife.

Many of Lina Kaufman's family members and friends support her husband and have said they believe he is innocent. Some of them, including her biological parents, will testify on his behalf.

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