Officials: Havana Palms condo complex residents must leave

Miami-Dade officials say residents must evacuate complex by Monday

MIAMI - Dozens of residents are being told to pack up and leave their homes after their apartment complex is condemned.

The Havana Palms condo complex is located in Little Havana at 960 SW 2nd Street.

Miami city officials are giving residents until Monday to leave a condo complex due to its unsafe floor conditions.

From the moment you step into one of the condos, the problems become obvious. Inside is a weak, rotting and caving foundation in the living room and bathroom.

The issues have turned into a never-ending nightmare for the 32 units at the Havana Palms condominiums, so much so that the city has placed warning signs ordering everyone to pack up and leave.

"It was pretty hard, but you know, we just try to get by," said resident Alfredo Romero. "We're stronger people than that, you know, my mom taught me better than that."

The residents at the complex have known for months about the April 1st deadline, but for some families, it's not so easy to move, and for others, it's about the struggle of walking away from a $100,000 investment.

"Honestly, I just expected better, like it's crazy," said Romero.

The units were once apartments, but were then converted to condos, 7 years ago. Residents blame the developers for covering up the crumbling structure's condition in order to make a quick dollar.

"You know like making sure everything is okay, but instead they slack, so unfortunately, this is what happened," said Romero.

With time ticking, boxes of possessions are now filling up, even if people don't know where they'll be come Monday.

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