Police release 911 calls in beach biting

Man bitten by shark or large barracuda behind W Hotel

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SOUTH BEACH, Fla. - Miami Beach police released 911 calls Wednesday after a man was bitten by a shark or a large barracuda behind the W Hotel over the weekend.

Trauma surgeons at Jackson Memorial Hospital believe a shark or a large barracuda bit the man's calf twice, severing a major blood vessel.

LISTEN: 911 calls

Dispatch: "Are you with the person?"

Caller: "No, just I saw here and I'm calling for emergency."

Dispatch: "Okay do you have a visual of the person?"

Caller: "No, it's like everybody is around the person so I'm trying to like hurry up the emergency."

In a second call, the caller told 911 the man was losing lots of blood.

READ: Transcripts of 911 calls

Caller: "I'm at the W on 24th Street on Miami Beach, there's a guy, he was in the water, he's bleeding a lot, a lot. And they don't know what happened."

Dispatch: "Okay, where is he right now?"

Caller: "In the W at the beach."

The man was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital on Tuesday.

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