Residents start online petition to bring back '50 Shades of Grey'

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The book "Fifty Shades Of Grey" has sold millions of copies, but after being labeled pornographic, it's been banned from Brevard County libraries.

Now, residents are fighting back, trying to bring the popular book back into public libraries.

"As a reader myself, and mother of an avid reader, it's horrifying because you wonder, 'What's next?'" Linda Tyndall said.

SURVEY: Should book be banned?

Tyndall was shocked to find out Brevard libraries banned E.L. James' book, so she immediately took action. She started an online petition at, hoping to bring the popular books back.

The book is flying off store shelves and tops best-selling lists across the country.  Some are even calling it "mommy porn," and that's why the library service director says the book doesn't belong in Brevard libraries.

"We filter the Internet and we don't buy X-rated DVDs," said Library Director Cathy Schweinsberg. "I heard it described as salacious, and I believe it is."

Tyndall said regardless of what's inside the book, it should be up to the community to decide if it's something they want to read or not.

Schweinsberg said the book also doesn't fit quality criteria. She said it's still too early to say if the books would be put back on library shelves, but they're revisiting the ban.

While Orange County libraries never stocked the book, other counties do carry it.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Osceola County libraries had 21 copies. They are all checked out with 79 people on a waiting list.  Seminole County libraries had two copies and 319 people on a waiting list.  Lake County libraries had one copy with 50 people on the waiting list.  And Volusia County libraries had 19 copies with 197 people on the waiting list.

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