Romney speaks to supporters at Port St. Lucie rally

13,000 people crowd into Tradition Square

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Election day is just a month away, and Governor Romney is turning up the heat to rally support in Florida and other key battleground states.

Romney spoke about last week's debate and slammed President Obama on his health care law and economic policies during his rally Sunday afternoon at Tradition Square in Port St. Lucie.

Romney appeared not only revitalized, but more real. He showed a personal side while telling private stories to the crowd of 13,000 people.

His campaign focus had been President Obama's failed promise to drop unemployment to below 8-percent. But now, with unemployment down to 7.8-percent, Romney's attack has been recalculated, and reduced. The word 'unemployment' never came out of his mouth.

"I think it has been talked about a lot, and not reached that point yet," said Romney supporter, Roseanna Winningham.

Supporters believe Romney would move the economy in the right direction.

"I agree with him one-hundred percent on everything. He's my man," said Romney supporter, Joe Micciche.

It is the first time this large retirement community has heard a major candidate.

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