Thousands attend Color Run

Runners splashed with color, run for a cause

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Runners cross the finish line covered in paint after Sunday's 5K

VIRGINIA KEY, Fla. - Thousands of feet hit the pavement, but this was far from a traditional 5K run.

All the runners came to Virginia Key Sunday morning sporting white shirts in preparation for the Color Run, in which they would be splashed with an array of colors every kilometer along the race.

Some ran and some even danced their way across the finish line with no white shirts left.

"I've run 5Ks for charity before, but nothing like this before. This is such a special event," said runner Ryan Mortimer .

In this race, there's no winner since nothing was timed, it was all about having a colorful, fun time.

"They spray you with [items] like ketchup bottles. There's just a wave of color when you're approaching it, and then you just run through it and get doused with color," said runner Christine Rowlee.

Volunteers, who did the painting, stocked up on their colored-powder packets for the fun.

"We packed a whole bunch of this yesterday red, orange, blue, green, you name it," said Rene Espinoza who is volunteering at the race.

This is the first time the Color Run has come to Miami, and its sold out.

The run has made rounds in about 60 other cities, and Sunday there was also a race in Washington, D.C.

Each event picks a local cause to support. Sunday's run raised money for the J.A.M. Foundation, which aims to prevent suicides.

According to the foundation's website, it was created by 18-year-old Justin Menendez whose 13-year-old brother Jason Anthony Menendez committed suicide.

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