Too much exercise can take toll on face

Cosmetic treatments restore volume due to fat loss

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Avid runner Carrie Pustilnik hits the pavement every day.

"I love how I feel, how my body feels, when I run," she said.

But the constant pounding takes a toll on her face.

"I definitely look more exhausted and run-down than people who don't run," she said.

Delray Beach dermatologist Dr. Janet Allenby said high-impact exercise and being too slim can cause loss of facial fat, leading to a gaunt, aged appearance.

"When people get really lean from exercise, they lose volume from the deeper fat pads that provide structure for the skin," she said.

To restore facial volume, Allenby uses a combination of two injectable products.

"I start with Radiesse, which is calcium hydroxyapetite, and it turns out to be an inert substances that almost works like an implant," she said.

Allenby follows that with injections of Sculptra.

"This is made from poly-L-lactic acid, and it's actually thickening up the skin but in a little deeper plane, so it actually gives the softness of fat," she said.

Pustilnik said getting the treatments just made sense.

"You want to do your best. You do all these things to take care of your body. Why not take care of your face?" she said.

Depending on the intensity of activity, Radiesse can last up to nine months, Sculptra up to two years.

Costs for the combination of injections typically ranges from $800-$2000.

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