Wade's stylist explains Heat star's post-game looks

Calyann Barnett joins the Local 10 Morning News team to talk about what Wade is wearing

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - There aren't many athletes out there who make headlines in both the sports world and the fashion world, but Dwyane Wade is one of them.

He doesn't need to strut a runway to show off high-end designer gear. Instead, Wade gets to wear the designer gear during post-game conferences after NBA playoff games.

Wade relies on the help of his stylist, Calyann Barnett, to pick out those looks. She joined the Local 10 Morning News team in the WPLG Studios Thursday morning, ahead of Game 1.

One of the outfits that garnered the most attention this season was the Gucci capri pant suit that Wade wore ahead of Game 4 against the Chicago Bulls. The Heat star got a lot of people talking when he arrived to the United Center in Chicago in the patterned, double-breasted suit.

While it may have seemed like most of that talk was negative, Barnett says that simply wasn't the case.

"It was negative in the sports world, but in the fashion world they absolutely loved it," she said. "If you look at Milan, if you look at the runways, you'll see capris, so it's about people getting on board and realizing they're a little behind the times!"

As for the pattern, that kept in stride with the theme of the round. Barnett chooses different themes for each playoff series: against the Bulls, that theme was patterns.

That's also the reason behind that colorful Versace jacket he wore after Game 2.

But even when every part of an outfit is planned down to the shoes, there are still last-minute changes to be made.

Barnett says that's what happened during the last game of the Eastern Conference Finals, when Wade appeared at the post-game conference in a light brown suit by Adrien Sauvage.

"Normally we have everything set," Barnett explained. "But we decided to keep it a little more relatable and simple."

Barnett may be his personal stylist, but here and there, Wade will put his foot down.

"There are some looks that he has shut down, but for the most part, we work through it and he understands. We have a process."

Barnett didn't leave before giving Local 10 viewers a little sneak preview of Wade's style during the Spurs series.

"Expect black and white. It's going to be all the same color and a lot of different silhouettes."

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