Wednesday Forecast

By Betty Davis - Chief Meteorologist

MIAMI - Noon - Sunshine is plentiful across South Florida this Wednesday before the  Thanksgiving holiday.  A gentle north-northwest wind continues to filter cool air down the peninsula.  Temperatures are on track to peak in the mid 70s and settle in the upper 50s overnight, with skies remaining mainly clear.  Thursday features more dry weather and cool temperatures.  For more details on the Thanksgiving day forecast or national travel weather, log on to

Meteorologist Betty Davis

6:00AM - Wednesday gets off to a cool, dry start.  Ample sunshine is a prominent feature in the pre-Thanksgiving forecast.  Temperatures will peak in the mid 70s Wednesday.  A north-northwest wind sustained near 10 mph will continue to blow across South Florida, driving in more cool air.  The wake-up temperatures for Thanksgiving morning will settle in the upper 50s.  For more details on the extended forecast log on to

Meteorologist Betty Davis

10:41PM Tuesday- Looking at the satellite there are some breaks in the clouds tonight but I expect the clouds to increase again tonight to give us a mix of Sun and Clouds for Wednesday. Temps will be warmer with more sunshine filtering through the clouds. Expect lots of sun for Thanksgiving and breezy conditions. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Meteorologist Scott Padgett

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