What you should know about beta blockers

Side effects, limitations, benefits

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PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Beta blockers have been prescribed for years to people with a variety of health concerns including angina, heart failure, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and those who've previously suffered a heart attack.

These drugs are intended to slow down the heart beat, which in turn reduces contractions of the heart muscle and decreases blood vessel contractions through out the body.

Because of the drugs ability to constrict blood vessels, beta blockers have also been used to treat glaucoma.

Beta blockers have been considered vital in helping those who've suffered aheart attack avoid a second or third episode.

Side effects from the drugs include cold feet and hands, diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, slow heart beat, loss of libido, dizziness, nightmares and difficulty sleeping.

Beta blockers can also interfere with a number of other drugs used to treat conditions such as hypertension, bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, hypertension, and various heart conditions. 

It's important to review all medications and side effects with your doctor before beginning treatment with beta blockers.


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