Woman creates iFitness runner's belt

Belt can hold phone, key, belongings while running

AVENTURA, Fla. - An Aventura woman who said she was tired of worrying about keys and valuables while exercising decided to do something about it.

When Shify Pomerantz's old waist belt wore out, she started looking for a replacement, something to hold her phone, keys and money while running.

"I wanted it to be small enough so it would not bounce," said Pomerantz. "I wanted it to be small enough so it wouldn't be bulky because I care about fashion, also."

Not finding anything to suit her, Pomerantz and her husband came up with the iFitness runner's belt. Her Identification, phone, and key are now tucked safely away.

"It's made of neoprene," said Pomerantz. "It's a water-resistant material."

The company started marketing her belt to runners, who in turn started suggesting add-ons.

"They would ask us for a belt that would be a water-resistant belt, and then they would ask us for either more room or a belt that would carry energy packs or gels," said Pomerantz.

iFitness started selling on the internet, at running events, and now, in 1,000 stores world-wide. Last year, over 200,000 belts were sold.

"The feedback is great. The product is selling unbelievably," said Pomerantz. "People are telling us they believe it's the best belt out there."

Single-pocket belts cost between $20 and $40. Travelers and other non-runners said they are also finding uses for the belts.

"Everyone wants to be hands-free. Everyone is on the go," said Pomerantz. "If you are traveling it's a great pouch you can use it as a money belt. You can use it for traveling, put your passport inside," said Pomerantz. "With all that use, if they get dirty, clean up is easy with soap and water."

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