Lovestruck male giraffes injure female

Zoo Miami: Male giraffes knock over Kita

MIAMI - Officials at Zoo Miami say a female giraffe was injured when she tried avoiding other giraffes that chased her down.

"There's something about the power of a female that makes males do stupid things," said Ron Magill, the communications director at Zoo Miami.

Kita the giraffe suffered bruises when a group of male giraffes chased after her.

"She happens to be cycling right now, at the peak of her cycle, and Fezek here, the dominant male, has been pursuing her. (He) has been relentless," said Magill. "For one reason or another, they just seemed to push her and she stepped over these rocks below her and then she actually jumped in between the rocks and the platform and when she did that, she lost her footing and she fell over on her side."

Zoo Miami temporarily closed the exhibit to examine Kita. Zookeepers worried if she was unable to walk, she likely wouldn't live.

"Had she broken her leg, that would've been a fatal event for her," said Magill.

To their relief, Kita appears to have no broken bones.

"She seems to be very relaxed, very calm, walking very normal," said Magill.

Kita is currently being held in a separate pen with her baby away from the other giraffes.

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