Lynn University gets ready to host last debate

Lynn was only Florida university to spend $5M to apply to host debate

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Lynn University of Boca Raton is preparing to host the third and final presidential debate.

Despite the debate being six days away, security near the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, where the debate will be held, was tight on Tuesday.

Excitement was building at the university, where about 2,100 students attend.

"We're doing the reservations for the VIP people," said student Ariela Gandini.

"To see small Lynn University go worldwide is just really amazing for us," said Lisa Miller, a university fundraiser.

On Tuesday, crews were sprucing, tenting, fencing, and cabling, part of $5 million worth of preparation for next Monday's debate.

"It has been a wild ride for us at this small institution," said Lynn University President Dr. Kevin Ross. "We'll never really know the mystical calculus that's out there that the commission on debates uses to consider who should do what."

Lynn University was the only Florida university to spend the $5 million to apply to host the debate. The event will also cost Boca Raton $250,000.

"Police and fire. It's road closures, it's overtime," said Boca Raton Mayor Susan Welchel. "The majority of the people understand the magnitude and the historical event that will be taking place in our city ."

The debate is also grabbing students' interests.

"I've caught myself watching the debates so far," said Deborah Nabosse.

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